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With gum disease impacting more people every year, it’s an awesome time to recognize things about the condition and its signs. We’ve assembled this information on warning signs for you to review, so please read over it and give us a call for a visit if you recognize any of the warning signs in your own mouth.

One of the initial signs you should look for is red, swollen or bleeding gums. When the bacterial acids inflame the gums, they should change from a pink color to a red one. Receding gums may also be an indication that your gums are infected. While it’s occasionally hard to tell what’s triggering bad breath, the underlying cause could be gum disease. Additionally, any pearly whites that look or feel like they could fall out might be a result of inflamed gums. Likewise, any change to the fit of your teeth or dentures might also be a warning sign that you are developing gum disease. If you are unsure about checking for any of these signs, we would be ecstatic look at each of them with you during your next appointment.

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