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If you are living with gum disease, then we have news for you! You don’t have to suffer from gum disease alone! In fact, our doctors, Dr. Danielle Kelner and Dr. Richard Kelner with Kelner Periodontics LLC in Clark, New Jersey, are highly trained and skilled at overcoming gum disease, and are happy to help you overcome this dreadful condition. Consider this:

– Visual clues that can indicate gum disease include gum recession or the presence of pus or sores.

– If you have gums that are inflamed, sore, numb, or routinely bleeding, it may be linked to gum disease.

– Gum disease is often linked to poor oral hygiene resulting from neglecting your brushing and flossing routines.

– Painful chewing or teeth that are out of alignment could be an indication of gum disease.

– Gum disease can arise as a result of a poor diet and the consumption of unhealthy foods.

– If it feels as if your teeth are on the verge of falling out, it may be a sign of weakening gums due to gum tissue infections.

– If you frequently show signs of bad breath, gum disease may be to blame.

The good news is you don’t have to live with gum disease much longer if you call 732-587-6740 and set up an appointment with our team today! We are happy to help you overcome your oral health concerns and give you a healthy smile again.