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Want to flash more of your pearly whites? Or maybe your tooth needs crown or bridge and the gumline is too high for that to work right now. Here at Kelner Periodontics LLC in Clark, New Jersey,  Drs. Danielle and Richard Kelner and their expert team offer a solution: crown lengthening. Also called gum contouring, crown lengthening is a kind of surgery designed to uncover more of your teeth’s beauty. Here is a basic overview the procedure:


During one or two preparation visits, we will take a look at your medical history, your teeth, and your x-rays to see if the surgery is right for you. You might receive a professional tooth cleaning or a temporary crown.


Dr. Danielle Kelner or Dr. Richard Kelner will first give you anesthesia to shield you from any pain. Then he or she will make very precise cuts in your gum tissue and remove a small amount of bone from your teeth sockets. Lastly, he or she will wash and clean your gums and sew careful stitches onto the surgical area.


After the surgery, you’ll probably want to ice your face on and off for several hours to reduce swelling. You’ll receive instructions for what kinds of food to eat and how to brush your teeth. You’ll also get a prescription for a pain reliever and a special mouth rinse. After a week or so, you’ll come back and we’ll remove your stitches. It will take about three months for your gums to heal completely, during which Kelner Periodontics LLC may schedule follow-up visits to check the progression of your healing.

Have more questions? Give us a call at 732-587-6740, and we’ll make those crowns shine.