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When you lose a tooth, it’s never a good thing. However, the team here at Kelner Periodontics LLC in Clark, New Jersey, has extensive experience and knowledge to help you rest easy if you do end up losing your teeth. Through a process that’s increasingly popular in the United States, Dr. Danielle Kelner can restore your smile by way of dental implants.

What are they?

Implants are essentially what they sound like – implanted teeth! They’re made up of titanium posts inserted into your gums, which are then topped with a ceramic tooth that looks, feels, and works just like a real tooth.

How do they work?

These are a pretty straightforward bit of dentistry, which is a large part of their wide appeal. When you need to have a missing tooth replaced with an implant, you’ll come to our office and we’ll examine your mouth to make sure it’s healthy enough for an implant.

Then, the titanium post is inserted, and a custom=made ceramic tooth that perfectly fits your smile is secured into place. The best part about the process, though, is once completed only your dentist will know the tooth isn’t real! Implants are very lifelike.

If you have missing teeth and need to replace them, call us today at 732-587-6740 to see if dental implants are the solution for you.