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Did you know that your oral health can affect other areas of your body as well? Although more research is being done to solidify the information, some studies have shown that gum disease can be connected to other health problems.

Our doctor, Dr. Danielle Kelner, is an expert at recognizing the signs of periodontal and other types of gum disease, so that, if caught early, it may not deteriorate your health in other ways. It is important that you make regular checkups here at Kelner Periodontics LLC in Clark, New Jersey, as a preventative measure for gum disease and other oral ailments.

Among the health problems that researchers believe could possibly be connected to gum disease are:

– Atherosclerosis and heart disease: Gum disease may increase the risk of clogged arteries and is even believed to worsen existing heart disease as well.
– Stroke: Gum disease may increase the risk of the specific type of stroke that is triggered by clogged arteries.
– Premature births: A woman who suffers from gum disease may be more likely to deliver her baby early as a result.

– Diabetes: Diabetic patients who also have periodontal disease have greater trouble keeping their blood sugar levels under control than those without the disease.
– Respiratory disease: Some of the bacteria that is responsible for gum disease may be the cause of some lung diseases or can even worsen existing gum conditions. In elderly patients, it is especially important to guard against gum disease, because it can quickly spread to the lungs and cause pneumonia.

As you can see, the risks that accompany periodontal disease are numerous, luckily, there are treatments and easy ways to avoid developing the disease in the first place. Please call today at 732-587-6740 if you have any questions or concerns regarding gum disease or any other dental matter. Our team is always here to help with all of your oral health needs.