Tips and Information About Treating Your Gum Disease at Home

If you are a victim of gum disease, it’s important to visit your dentist, Dr. , immediately to receive treatment. The treatment offered at is the only treatment that can eliminate gum disease from your smile and restore your oral health. After you’ve received treatment for your gums, it’s important to also treat your gums… Read more »

Healing Gum Recession with Gum Grafting

Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed your teeth are longer? Gum recession can creep up on you and cause tooth or bone loss if you’re not careful. It is caused by gum disease, excessive brushing or brushing with hard bristles, and tartar buildup. A receding gumline is what happens when your gum… Read more »

Healing Receded Gums with a Graft

Are your teeth looking longer than they used to? If they are, your gums might be receding. There are many different things that can cause this, including gum disease, tartar buildup, and excessive brushing or brushing with medium or hard bristles. A receding gumline is what happens when your gum tissue surrounding your teeth pulls… Read more »

Shaping Your Gums for Cosmetics and Gingivitis

A fairly common treatment for gum disease or for increasing your smile’s cosmetic appeal is to lengthen your crowns. This treatment removes a small part of the gumline, revealing more of your teeth and reducing the pockets gum disease can cause. Gum shaping is a process used to help gums appear more regular. It is… Read more »

Fluoride and your Enamel

If you’re serious about your oral health, then you need to be vigilant about ensuring that your enamel is up to par. One of the best ways to do that is to incorporate fluoride into your oral health care. Fluoride strengthens your enamel, which in turn helps improve your entire oral health. Let’s look at… Read more »

What You Should Do About Periodontitis

Did you know that gum disease can lead to bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums, and even sensitive teeth? Would you be surprised to learn that gum disease can lead to a number of serious issues, such as shifting or even missing teeth? Luckily, there are a few things you can do to avoid gum… Read more »

How to Prevent Your Gums from Receding From Your Teeth

Gum recession in , , is a painful and irritating dental issue that can take the beauty away from your smile. However, there are things you can do to prevent this issue, depending on the severity of the problem. Some of those things are: -Take good care of your smile by brushing your teeth twice… Read more »

Improving Form and Function with Crown Lengthening

A Gingivectomy, also known as crown lengthening, is a fairly simple treatment that can be used to treat a number of problems our patients face. Crown lengthening reshapes the gumline to add length to the teeth to treat a few different issues. Gum disease can often lead to the need for a gingivectomy. Gingivitis can… Read more »

There Are Several Things to Keep in Mind to Help Prevent Gum Disease

Every year, millions of Americans suffer from gum disease. While there are several increased risk factors, gum disease is primarily caused by an inadequate oral hygiene routine and by not attending a routine dental cleaning twice a year. When plaque and food particles are not removed from your teeth and along the gumline, they can… Read more »

Welcome to Kelner Periodontics LLC!

At Kelner Periodontics LLC, our father-daughter periodontists, Dr. Danielle Kelner and Dr. Richard Kelner, have been serving patients for over forty years in caring for their gums. Our practice helps patients treat gum disease in Clark, New Jersey, along with the neighboring communities of Westfield, Cranford, Scotch Plains, Linden, Edison, and Union, New Jersey. If gingivitis, the mildest… Read more »