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Do you constantly inspect your mouth every morning to look for any damage that may occur? If you’re not already doing this important task, it is important to do so, as several forms of dental damage can often arise before you even realize that there are oral health ailments affecting your teeth and gums. This is especially true with gum disease, also referred to as periodontal disease. Gum disease can progress over a period of many years and continue to damage your smile if you neglect it or ignore signs and symptoms.

There are several visual indications that could alert you to the presence of gum disease. If you notice any changes in the way your gums are fitting in your mouth and how teeth rotate or move within them, it could be a sign of gum disease. Also, the presence of sores, pus, blood spotting, inflammation, and excessive swelling are all signs of gum disease.

If you ever noticed that you experience frequent pains when biting into foods or if bad breath continues to arise in your mouth even after treatments, it could be the sign of an underlying condition including gum tissue infections. Furthermore, if teeth ever move or rotate out of position or if you notice that your gums are pulling back away from your teeth, gum disease could be the cause. To help determine if gum disease is present in your mouth, visit your dentist.

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