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When a large cavity goes without professional treatment at Dr. Danielle Kelner’s clinic, the tooth decay can continue to spread. In time it could cause a severe toothache, an infected root, or cause a dangerous dental abscess to form in your gums.

Sometimes Dr. Danielle Kelner can treat a tooth in this condition with a root canal. However, in a severe case, he might advocate a total oral surgical extraction. This will help ease the pain and prevent further infection from spreading to your bloodstream.

Once all infected tissues have been removed, he will suture your gums. Dr. Danielle Kelner might also prescribe a course of antibiotics and pain management medication to treat any lingering infection and help you remain comfortable during the recovery process.

When you’re ready Dr. Danielle Kelner can start the process of restoring the tooth with a dental implant. This involves a simple outpatient oral surgery, where Dr. Danielle Kelner will insert a titanium dental implant into the underlying bone structure.

The strong connection between titanium abutment and the living bone tissues in the area will eventually replicate the root of the tooth. Once this has been achieved Dr. Danielle Kelner can construct a dental abutment to be fitted for a standard dental crown.

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